Recipe: Tasty island rawfish salad

island rawfish salad. Squeeze in the lemon and lime juice and stir through. Add coconut cream, salt and chili sauce. Taste and add more salt and chili sauce if desired.

island rawfish salad Ika Mata -Island Raw Fish Salad. We all have experiences with food craving, the overwhelming urge to consume a particular dish. They bring up intense and persistent feelings and along with a raft of associated emotions. You can cook island rawfish salad using 0 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

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Ingredients of island rawfish salad

But when we recall such cravings in the past, we can't replicate the urge precisely.. Cover with the lemon halves and refrigerate overnight in a non-reactive bowl. Remove and drain from lemon juice and mix with other ingredients in bowl. Pour the fish and the juice into a colander and drain.

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island rawfish salad step by step

  1. Cube fish fillets into 1.5cm X 1.5cm cubes.
  2. Place into large bowl and cover fish with enough lemon juice to just cover top of fish. Leave to marinade in fridge for 2-3hours (the longer you leave the fish in the lemon juice, the more the fish will be cooked through) For best results, leave to marinade overnight..
  3. Finely slice spring onions and dice tomatoes. Add this to fish and mix well..
  4. Pour first can of coconut cream in then add a few teaspoons of salt into can and dilute with a bit of boiling water. If you want it to be a bit thicker add second can of coconut cream and more salt if desired.
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Return the fish to a clean bowl and add the coconut cream, salt and Tabasco. Taste and add more salt and Tabasco if desired. Trevally is an ideal species for this recipe but could be substituted with fresh Moki, kingfish, Kahawai or with white fleshed fish such as Tarakihi, blue cod, or Gurnard. After the Trevally has been marinated the flesh turns white and as a rule of thumb make sure you season well with salt and pepper. Guests help themselves to fish, them a selection of the accomaniments.

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